Ministries of EDSA Shrine

The Pastoral Team of the EDSA Shrine, which consists of coordinators of various ministries, assists the Rector in planning and implementing activities of the EDSA Shrine. The various groups comprising the EDSA Shrine Community are clustered into three, following the three-fold function of Jesus-Christ. The functions of Christ and the respective community clusters are Priestly (Worship), Kingly (Service) and Prophetic (Teaching). The groups under each cluster are as follows:
ALTAR SERVERS — Consists of boys and young men who assist the presiding priest during the mass.
CHARISMATIC COMMUNITY — Consists of members with regular praise and worship activities.
CHOIR — Consists of members with regular praise and worship activities.
FRIENDS OF THE EUCHARIST — Consists of adorers of the Blessed Sacrament.
HEARTS OF JESUS AND MARY — Consists of members of a couple-oriented community with regular praise and
worship activities.
LECTORS AND COMMENTATORS — Consists of proclaimers of the Word of God.
SPECIAL MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION — Consists of men who assist the priest during the Mass in distributing
Holy Communion.
WELLSPRINGS OF LIFE — Consists of members of a charismatic community which holds Cenacle prayer.

FREE CLINIC  — Consists of volunteer doctors, dentists, nurses and paramedics who provide free medical and
dental services to the poor at the EDSA Shrine and depressed areas.
KID'S INN — Provides free day care service which caters to children seven years old and below while their parents attend Sunday Mass.
MAKABATA FOUNDATION — Provides free educational assistance to poor but deserving students.
TANGLAW NG PAG-ASA  — Provides free counseling services at the EDSA Shrine and during outreach activities in
depressed communities.

CHILDREN'S PRAYER GROUP — Consists of children and den mothers who help in the spiritual formation of children.
COMMUNICATIONS MINISTRY — Disseminates information on activities of the EDSA Shrine.
EDUCATION MINISTRY — Provides catechism and seminars before the administration of the Sacraments.
FAMILY LIFE MINISTRY — Consists of couples and families who aim to strengthen the family through marriage
encounter and family encounter activities.
GALLERIA MINISTRY  — Provides spiritual development avenues for sales clerks of Robinsons Galleria.
LANDAS NG BUHAY — Provides vocation discernment seminars and feeding to prisoners.
NAZARETH MINISTRY — Helps deepen the spiritual foundation and holistic development of young professionals.
YOUTH OF THE EDSA SHRINE — Consists of youth who help one another in spiritual development and reaches out
to youth of other parishes.
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